Protection of our servers

Our portal is hosted directly on our private servers and secured by firewalls and other protections. So when you drop a file on our portal, it doesn't roam the web. It goes directly from your device to our server, thus avoiding any occurrence of breach of confidentiality.

When they arrive on our server, all your files are scanned for viruses to ensure their integrity and to avoid a security breach for the entire server.

Independent accounts

Each doctor's account is independent of the others. If by exceptional circumstances, an account were to be compromised, the other accounts would not be affected.

Data backup

Every day, a three-axis system is deployed for the secure backup of your data archives. No data can be lost.

SSL security certificates (HTTPS)

All transfer connections are protected by SSL security certificates (HTTPS) to prevent personal data from being "sniffed" when entering your details, as banks do with their portal.

Barriers and surveillance

In addition, barriers are in place between transactions on the Client Portal and the billing server. Other barriers, provided by the most recent surveillance technologies, are also present at the entrance itself: access to ports, to authorized connection addresses, etc.

24/7 standby

A 24/7 watch is in place on the server. If a problem occurs, server administrators are automatically notified.

Protection of our computer fleet

Internally, our IT infrastructure is protected by firewalls and commercial antivirus software that is automatically updated when such an update is available. No data or file is saved on the workstations: everything is saved on secure servers, thus limiting the risks if an equipment theft occurs. In addition, our servers and premises are under alarm and video surveillance 24 hours a day.

Confidentiality contract

All Lambert Médico Factures employees sign a confidentiality contract stipulating that customer data must be kept confidential. An employee monitoring protocol is in place.

Rest assured,
your data is well protected.

Do you have questions about the security of our Customer Portal

We would be pleased to respond to any questions that you may have.