Procedures to integrate our calendar

Here are the procedures to integrate our calendar into your Outlook software or your mobile phone.


  1. Copy the link from our shared calendar.
    Link now copied
  2. In Outlook, go to the "File" tab.

  3. Go to "Account Settings".

  4. Go to "Internet Calendars" and click "New".

  5. Paste the link from our shared calendar.

  6. In the "Subscription options" window, type « Lambert » for the "Folder Name".

  7. Close the window by clicking "Close" button.

  8. In the left column, in "Other Calendars", check "Lambert" checkbox.

  9. You can change the presentation of your calendars by clicking the left arrow in the "Lambert" tab.

  10. The calendar will update each time Outlook searches for new email or when you press the "Send and receive" button.

See the steps in video (French)


  1. From your iPhone, copy the link from our shared calendar.
    Link now copied
  2. Open "Settings".

  3. Tap "Accounts & Passwords".

  4. Tap "Add Account".

  5. Tap "Other".

  6. Tap on "Add Subscribed Calendar".

  7. In the "Server" section, paste the link from our shared calendar. To do this, leave your finger pressed for a few seconds in the field, where it is written "".

  8. Tap "Next".

  9. Tap "Save".

  10. Our calendar will be displayed in the Calendar app.

  11. By default, the Calendar app displays events for the next 2 weeks. To change that setting, go to "Settings", then "Calendar", then "Sync" and choose "All Events".

See the steps in screenshots (French)


*On Android, adding our shared calendar must be done on a computer.

  1. From your computer, copy the link from our shared calendar.
    Link now copied
  2. From your computer, go to

  3. If you haven't already done so, sign in to your Google Account, the same account you set up on your Android device (phone or tablet).

  4. In the left column, under "Other calendars", click the "+".

  5. Choose "From URL".

  6. Paste the link and click on "Add an agenda".

  7. The calendar will update in your Google Calendar app on your phone or tablet.

Voyez les étapes en vidéo